Real Fabrica das Sedes – Former Royal Silk Factory of Lisbon – Portugal

The former ROYAL SILK FACTORY is Classified as a Public Interest , this is one of the major manufactures of Johannine foundation , constituting a landmark in Portuguese industrial history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries . Proposal presented by the French Weaver Robert Godin in 1727 , its construction was authorized by Royal Resuloção February 13, 1734 . Built in the Rat, according to risk the arch. Carlos Mardel , the building was completed in 1741 . From 1757 acquired the designation of Real Harmony Silk Factory Rat , with its integrated plans for urban renewal of the Lisbon reform. Occupying the entire block , extends longitudinally with plant L. Of uniform volumetric parallelepiped , its main facade consists of two advanced towers connected at the ends by two indented to a more prominent central and topped by a triangular pediment , on which stands the stone tympanum body of weapons of D. wards José I. Structured on two floors, the murários cloths come compartmentalized into five bodies by monumental pilasters and corners , the rhythmic tear of 14 windows in each of the records . Having passed through several owners since the second quarter of the century . XIX , the factory suffered a major fire in August 1897 that destroyed the building almost in its entirety . Subject to subsequent reconstruction without any affinity with the use for which they were created , maintained the exterior moth, but was adapted to new features inside.


source: — à Rua Escola Politecnica, 275, Lisbonne 1250-101, Portugal .


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